Email Accounts

The Flight has a Google Business account.  This allows us to create accounts for Members of the Flight, complete with email addresses, local storage and access to the Google applications such as Gmail, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and Drive.  The holders of email accounts can also be granted access to the various shared drives on the central Google Drive.

The Google account is managed by the Administrator at who should be contacted with any queries or issues. The Administrator is unable to see the data or emails held in the Member’s account.

An email account will be opened for a Member in response to a request from a Department Head, often during the induction process.  The information required to allow an account to be opened is as follows:

  1. The required email address in the form:
  2. The Member’s personal email address (required to be able to send the initial sign-in instructions and which is thereafter stored as the recovery address within the account information, and which the Member can subsequently edit)
  3. The Member’s mobile phone number (used as part of the recovery information and saved within the account information, and which the Member can subsequently edit)

Once the email account has been created, a system-generated email message will be sent from The Google Workspace Team to the Member’s personal email address (see 2 above), with a link to click on to reach the new email account (which will be as requested at 1 above).  The system email message will look like this:

If the username shown in the message does not match the one requested in 1 above, or the link has expired, contact the Administrator at  Otherwise, clicking on the Sign in link will take the Member to this screen, where the I understand box must be clicked in order to proceed.

The next screen will then force a password change:

The Member should choose a suitable password with which to protect their account.  Once the password has been reset, the Member will be taken to the account dashboard from which mail and other applications can be accessed:

Members may wish to add their new address to their standard email agent on their phone/tablet/laptop.  If so, it should be configured as a Gmail account (for that is what it is behind the scenes). 

Alternatively, the Gmail application can be downloaded, or simply login to Google Chrome/go to and select log on and then use the email address/password.

Email passwords should be changed periodically in accordance with best practice, or if there is any concern that the password has been compromised.  Should the password be forgotten, it can be reset by the Administrator.

Master Copy: Communications & IT Handbook – Appendix B