Fly With Us – WIP

You could be up there!

This section requires some careful thought and then some further work. Among other things, it feels like this section should address the following:

What flying is on offer— for example, a 20 minute flight in: the front seat in the Scout, front seat in the Beaver, two back seats in the Beaver, etc. Maybe we should include a grid of what is on offer, which aircraft vs. experience packages?

What does it cost — recognising the current challenge associated with this topic, but assume that this gets resolved successfully. The associated image will need to be carefully selected and PP simply acts as a place marker. How to pay is part of this and is another topic for debate, e.g. vouchers.

How to book — the objective here is for the customer (for want of a better word) to book directly on the site. This requires putting up a live calendar of currently available flying opportunities (with all of the associated caveats). Standard WordPress plug-ins are available; the objective should be to integrate with an appropriately filtered view of the HAAF’s active flying schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions — having a set of FAQs should help minimise the amount of email traffic during the booking process and also help to set realistic expectations.