General Induction

Welcome to the Flight!

This page provides part of the Induction briefing for new Volunteers. By providing this element of the induction online, we have sought to ensure that you get a consistent coverage of matters that are useful and important. This also means that you can come back and revisit any part of it later.

Inevitably, an online module can only provide an overview but we have also included pointers to other useful sources of information. However, the most important source of information is all around you – your fellow team members. If in doubt, refer to your Department Head – better to ask if you are in doubt than wish you had after the event. Don’t be shy – there are no stupid questions!

The following short series of slides will open in a separate window. You can scroll through the material at your own pace, and even download it. After you have finished viewing it, please close the tab and you wil return here. If you would prefer a copy of the presentation in PowerPoint, please send an email to

This presentation is always a work in progress as we seek to continuously improve it. All comments and suggestions are invited to

Click here to view the general induction training: Presentation.