Colin Gillespie, Chief Engineer

Colin completed 23 years’ service, rising in the ranks to attain the highest non-commissioned rank, Warrant Officer Class 1. Trained in all aspects of helicopter maintenance and management, he served in the following countries, Federal Republic of Germany, Cyprus and UK. He undertook all the maintenance activities associated with the first and second line maintenance of Sioux, Scout, Gazelle and Lynx.

During his time in the UK he was employed in the School of Aeronautical Engineering to instruct all personnel in the principles of field and workshop management. He has dealt with all aspects of non-destructive testing, vibration analysis and IT systems for engineering purposes.

Following his army service, Colin worked as a Technical Author for Westland Helicopters before returning to Middle Wallop as a Technical Author in Aircraft Branch. Various jobs then culminated at Army HQ Andover where he retired in 2016.

Colin joined the HAAF as a volunteer engineer in September 2017. He is married to Elizabeth who is also a volunteer with HAAF.