Mark Meaton, Engagement Lead

Mark grew up in an AAC family, spending the most part of his childhood between the ages of 2 and 10 in the Far East, via family postings to Beaver Flights in Kluang, Malaya (14 Flight, 656 Squadron) and Changi, Singapore (130 Flight, RCT).

Having completed an Honours Degree in Physics and Computer Science he continued his travels, working as a consultant and project manager on various IT projects around the world, living or working in 16 countries.

He still works full time in the IT sector, and while volunteering in the Army Flying Museum Archives as a researcher in 2018 was persuaded to join the HAAF, to help with the display of the Skeeter at public events. He took on the role of Engagement Lead in 2021.

He is also Archivist for both 656 Squadron Association and the Glider Pilot Regiment Society.