Paul Stanton, Pilot

In 2017, Paul Stanton joined the Flight and renewed his relationship with the Westland Scout, a type that he last flew in 1981 whilst serving with the Army Air Corps. He gained his Display Authorisation in 2019 and has supported all Scout display activity from 2019 to 2022, along with flying other tasking with the Flight.

Paul, whose previous career included employment as a Qualified Helicopter Instructor (QHI) at Flight, Squadron and Regimental levels, finishing his Army time as a Staff Instructor at the Central Flying School (Helicopters) at RAF Shawbury.

Since leave the military, Paul has been employed as a civilian rotary instructor, a Police Pilot for London and Surrey forces, an Apache Simulator Instructor and finally the Training Centre Manager for the Apache Synthetic Training facility located at Middle Wallop.