Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Another week completed. The Sioux completed the airtest and all is good. We fly a full airtest every 3 years so normally that would be the end of that. However, the engine is on condition for calendar life so we will complete a “Power Climb” annually to check the engine performance as well as EFD monitoring of the oil system and external corrosion examination and other checks. A SERVICEABLE Sioux – yeeha. Great work by Kerry and Nick on the Sioux crew.

One aircraft out, next? The Scout looks probable for next out. B1/B2 and B3 maintenance checks completed. Blades x-rayed. Two fuel pumps in the process of replacement. Radio modification underway but causing a few issues with the new loom fit. Bob and Guy are beavering away (wrong aircraft pun) with Phil and Mick playing with the looms.

The Auster 9 had her pre-maintenance ground run on Friday. Straight back into the hangar and an oil drop when warm. Followed by compression checks on the cylinders. Annual maintenance now underway led by Nick.

Dave and Steve are literally beavering away on the Beaver assisted by William. They had a few issues rigging some of the controls so that was a challenge, now overcome. Control checks next and panelling up. We then need a full CAA checkover and full airtest.

Oh Dear – our poorly Chipmunk. Despite fitting a replacement generator and voltage regulator she is still poorly and not playing nicely. Once greenies have capacity after the Scout, there will be much head scratching and playing with electricity. We also have a huge magneto drop to resolve, so no Chipmunk any time soon.

Jay is currently making a new instrument panel for the Auster Mk 1. This is plywood covered in leatherette. The Mk 1 will be worked on as the summer progresses and we have more bodies available.

The HAAF engineering crew are very experienced but looking after 6 different aircraft types is a fun challenge. They all swap between the aircraft quite happily as long as we supply biscuits to refuel at tea break, which is also when the stories begging. An article on the crew may well follow?