More fun than a Classroom!

The Royal Air Squadron, a distinguished group of aviators, flew in to Middle Wallop recently to visit the Historic Army Aircraft Flight and the Army Flying Museum.  Led by cadet leaders Tim Leather and Helen Smart, the visitors were met by the CCF cadets of Embley School. This was the cadets’ first opportunity to participate in an official function, where they had been invited to support the Squadron’s hosts for the day, the Historic Army Aircraft Flight.

The CCF at Embley is only recently formed and this is the first opportunity for the cadets to get involved in the practical side of flying, so it is very exciting for them“, said Helen Smart.

The cadets were also included in the busy flying programme which featured a Scout, a Chipmunk and a Sioux. Their comments on the day suggested that flying in these historic aircraft had been significantly different than their usual time in the classroom!

I really enjoyed our trip to Middle Wallop. I met lots of very interesting people and heard their stories of how they got to be where they are. I learned a lot about the aircraft especially the new model Apache and it really inspired an interest in the war aircraft and the Army Air Corps. I also really enjoyed the chance to go flying in the Scout. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.” …….. Josh 

The visit to the Historic Army Aircraft Flight was an incredible experience, especially the chance to fly in Scout helicopter and to learn about where the Army Air Corps originated from. It’s not often that you get to fly in a military aircraft that is retired and so I feel very privileged. I learnt a lot during that visit and hope to have the chance to go again.” ………Ellery

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to visit Historic Army Aircraft Flight centre. We met lots of war veterans who had plenty of interesting stories from their time in service. I hope we can get another opportunity to go again in the near future.” …… Matthew  

The whole experience, from being invited to spectate a get-together of the Royal Air Squadron, to eating lunch with all the gentlemen, to even being able to co-pilot a helicopter and a small plane has been unforgettable. Thank you so very much for the great and welcoming atmosphere, and I really enjoyed my time there. I enjoyed the tours of the hangar, the explanations of different ways of flying and of course being able to fly ourselves. This whole experience has been a real adventure, which I won’t forget any time soon. Thank you very much to the Historic Army Aircraft Flight for making this possible.” ….. Alexa 

“An unforgettable experience! The chance to not only fly one aircraft but two, really was exhilarating. Performing aerobatics in the Chipmunk aeroplane and flying the Scout helicopter has inspired me to learn more about historic aircraft. It was day which I shall not forget.” ….. Jameson

At the end of a long and busy day, Tim Leather’s summary was: “A truly memorable day that was enjoyed by all. We very much look forward to joining you again in the future.”

We are sure that the cadets will be happy to hear that we will be back!