Tiger Moth

DH82A Tiger Moth EM840 was built by Morris Motors of Cowley in 1943 and it was delivered to 21 Elementary Flying Training School (21 EFTS) at RAF Booker on 6th July 1943. At 0955 hrs on 18th April 1944 EM840 was being flown solo by Corporal ASL Jenner 872865 of the Glider Pilot Regiment when it bounced heavily while trying to land, damaging the port undercarriage. Jenner correctly opened the throttle, went round again and safely landed the aircraft. The aircraft was sent for repair and never flew again on training before it was sold by the RAF on 25th September 1953.

Although it was given the civil registration G-ANBY, it was never overhauled for civil operation. 21 EFTS at RAF Booker was mainly used for initial powered aircraft flying training for pilots of the Glider Pilot Regiment and for refresher courses on that type.

Also, many Air Observation Post pilots of the Royal Artillery received their initial flying training at Booker. It is therefore appropriate that this particular aircraft should join the Trust’s Airspeed Horsa, Waco CG4A Hadrian gliders and Douglas C47 glider towing/para dropping aircraft at RAF Shawbury.

Any former pilot who flew from 21 EFTS and can find EM840 in his logbook would be most welcome to visit the Trust to renew acquaintance with the aircraft at our base at Middle Wallop. We would also be very pleased to meet ex Cpl ASL Jenner, his family or his friends. The Glider Pilot Regiment Roll of Honour shows that Sgt W.Roy Jenner was killed in action on Operation Anvil/Dragoon on 15th August 1944 and is buried at Magargues Ext, 4,c.18. Perhaps the two men were related?

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