Website Enhancements

Last updated 31st July 2022

This is a listing of possible enhancements to the website that are on the ‘to do’ list. Some are easier than others and some need ‘other things’ to happen in order to make them possible. Please feel free to suggest further enhancements to

  1. Mobile menu: show the secondary menu options in a different colour to make them easier to differentiate.
  2. Align the logo centrally on mobile pages.
  3. Include a real-time Google calendar of Flight activities in the Member Zone.
  4. Add a faciity which enlarges photographs on mobile when you click on them.
  5. Add biogrpahies ‘on click’ on The Team page.
  6. Identify a fix to the sporadic lack of alignment of drop-down menus when viewed on a desktop using the Safari browser.
  7. Investigate the inclusion of 3D images on selected pages.