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We need an Event Manager to join our team of volunteers and take the lead for planning and organising our support to a range of events including attendance at shows and displays. Aviation experience is welcome but not critical. We have a programme of events for 2024 and a budget to support – but need someone to help us pull it all together. To learn more about this opportunity and join our team of volunteers, please contact us and we will get straight back to you.

Historic Army Aircraft Flight

HAAF is a volunteer organisation with a rich heritage in Army Aviation.

The Historic Army Aircraft Flight (HAAF) is a registered charity based at Middle Wallop in Hampshire and home to the Army Air Corps‘ fixed and rotary wing historic aircraft. Our fleet of aircraft are flown and supported by volunteers from all walks of life including a fair proportion of ex-Military AAC and REME personnel. The HAAF aircraft are regular visitors to many major displays and events and can also be seen locally conducting fly-pasts for occasions such as Remembrance Day.

Recent Posts

Our Chipmunk Taxis Closer To Flying Status
Our De Havilland Chipmunk has been with us for a few years now but has yet to fly under the HAAF banner - although that is set to change very soon. Following a two-year period of maintenance and refurbishment, WD 325 is close to being cleared to fly again. Recent activity to prepare for a Permit to Fly has included…
A Volunteer Apprentice’s view of the HAAF
Hi all! My name is Izzie. I am an Apprentice engineer with Boeing and have a huge passion for historic aviation and preserving airworthy vintage aircraft for future generations. As a result, I have been volunteering with the HAAF on and off since October 2021. I have been asked to give our readers a brief overview of some of the…
Formation flypast practice
This year on Sunday 12th November, HAAF had planned to conduct a Remembrance Day flypast at Middle Wallop and over several local villages. Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions being poor and below our minimums for the flight, the Auster and Scout pair’s flight was cancelled. As an aspiring pilot, I figured I would share what it was like to…

What HAAF visitors say

A really productive, informative and delightful visit. The Historic Army Aviation Flight (HAAF) is a leading example of post-forces veteran engagement. This band of determined engineers and pilots keep Army aviation history alive fuelled by pride, professionalism and bratwurst sausages. Truly an exceptional organisation offering continued engagement to the veteran community. Every branch of our armed services should have an equivalent of the HAAF.

Maj Ron Tasker QRH

Thank you so much for hosting an excellent and informative visit to your flight by our club. The members were delighted to have been allowed to get so close to the aircraft and many enjoyed the opportunity to climb in and take photos – our colleagues will be very jealous when they see the photos. A truly memorable day!

Andrew Walker

Where do I start? What a memorable day. Our photography group were expecting to be kept behind the tapes like most aircraft operations so a great surprise when we were allowed complete access in and around the aircraft. And what a helpful and informative team of engineers who could not be more accommodating. It was fantastic that we were also allowed to photograph the engineers in action – it was a really busy day and I know we have some great images.

Adrian Johnson

My family arranged for my visit to the flight as a surprise and I can say that this exceeded my expectations in every way. It was like stepping back in time to when I was a young pilot – the smells and sights were pure nostalgia. The flight in the Scout was everything I could have hoped for. Paul was a wonderful host and made me feel very safe and welcome. His routine brought wonderful memories flooding back from my time in aviation. I was struck by the wide variety of aircraft including helicopters, all maintained by a very merry band of volunteers. What a day! Thank you.

Charles, Warwickshire

We visited the Flight in the winter months so knew we would receive a guided tour but anticipated limited flight activity. Imagine our surprise to be allowed to observe two ground runs on the dispersal. First was the Beaver – what a fantastic noise, even through the ear defenders. How lovely to see this old lady of the skies fire up and breathe deeply on the tarmac. Then the Sioux helicopter – a little reluctant to get all 6 cylinders firing at first but then a wonderful sight, sound and smell. What a privilege to be hosted so well and carefully like this. Thank you.

The James Family, Devon

We combined a visit to the Army Flying Museum with a short tour of the facilities at the HAAF – and many thanks to the HAAF team for accommodating our small team at such short notice. We had already seen some of the HAAF aircraft ground running on the dispersal and taxiing past from the museum so we were very keen to see the aircraft up close. The host team at the HAAF were brilliant and we were delighted to be able to also get in some of the aircraft – the children were beyond excited. What a memorable day – Thank you HAAF team.

Mr JP Tomkins


We operate from the Army Aviation Centre in Middle Wallop. Please contact us for more details.